Traveling with Anxiety and Panic Disorder

James of the Techy Ninjas team explained to us his beliefs about traveling and says that travel can cause anxiety and panic symptoms. That’s why people with anxiety, panic disorder, and panic attacks find traveling hard. Being in strange and new places away from the comfort zone makes some people feel insecure. However, you don’t have to let anxiety or panic disorder ruin your trip. Just follow these tips for traveling with anxiety and panic disease to go on an enjoyable trip. 

Prepare for the Trip 

Put more effort into trip planning and preparation. Decide how you will deal with the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder. Essentially, be prepared to face panic attacks and anxiety. For instance, you can use deep breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques to cope with the symptoms. 

Use Distractions 

You can easily focus on symptoms when traveling. However, you can opt to focus elsewhere. Don’t concentrate on how you feel. Instead, focus on your travel activities. For instance, you can play enjoyable games, read a good book or magazine when traveling. Divert attention from your feelings to enjoying the beautiful scenes of your travel destination. 

Accept the Symptoms 

If anxiety and panic disorder symptoms overwhelm you, allow them to run the course. A panic attack lasts for a few minutes, after which it tapers off gradually. Resisting panic attacks can increase panic and anxiety. Resisting panic attacks can increase the panic and anxiety. Therefore, try surrendering to the symptoms and remembering that they will pass. 

Get a Travel Buddy 

You probably have a friend or a family member with whom you feel safe and comfortable. Consider traveling with that person as your travel buddy. Let them know your anxiety and fears. That way, they can boost your feeling of security and help you cope with the symptoms. A travel buddy might even be all you need to enjoy a relaxing trip. 

In addition to these tips, consult with your doctor before you travel. Your doctor will determine if you have a co-occurring condition that could be causing your travel anxiety and guide you accordingly.